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2019 Competition Regulations

Competition Regulations
2019 IAAF Race Walking Challenge & 2019 Suzhou Wuzhong
“Around Taihu” International Race Walking Multi-Day Competition
. Host: Chinese Athletics Association, Sports Bureau of Jiangsu Province
. Organizer: The People’s Government of Wuzhong District of Suzhou, Suzhou
Sports Bureau
. Co-organizer: Suzhou Wuzhong Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau, Taihu
Tourism Group, Tongcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd
. Competition Dates & Location
Date: 20-22 October, 2019
Location: Taihu Lake Scenic Area, Wuzhong District, Suzhou
. Events Setting (3 legs in total)
(1) Professional Group: Team and individual events for both men and women at
three legs:
st leg -- Taihu Lake Resort: 20km
nd leg -- Taihu New City: 12km
rd leg -- Mudu: 12km
(2) Youth Group:
st leg -- Taihu Lake Resort: 6km
nd leg -- Taihu New City: 4km
rd leg -- Mudu: 6km
(3) “Taihu Blue” Half Marathon
. Race Course

(1) Taihu Lake Resort: 20km

Course: Taihu International Convention Center → Around Taihu Avenue →

Intersection of Zhoushan Rd and Around Taihu Avenue (turning point) → Around

Taihu Avenue →the hydro-junction area of Taihu (turning point) → Around Taihu
Avenue → Taihu International Convention Center
(2) Taihu New City: 12km
Course: Intersection of Wujun Rd & Taihu Embankment → Wujun Road →
Intersection of Wujun Rd & Shaoang Rd (turning point) → Wujun Road → End of
Taihu Embankment (turning point) →Intersection of Wujun Road & Taihu
(3) Mudu:
Suzhou Broadcasting and TV Studio City → South Jinshan Road → Intersection
of South Jinshan Road and the West Zhongshan Road (turning point) → South
Jinshan Road → Intersection of Jinshan Road and the Yushan Road (turning point) →
Jinshan Road → Suzhou Broadcasting and TV Studio City
. Participants
1. Professional Group:
(1) The top 100 race walkers of IAAF world ranking from IAAF Member
Federations, overseas race walking associations and clubs invited by Chinese
Athletics Association and LOC;
(2) National race walkers registered at Chinese Athletics Association
2. Youth Group: Athletes from Reserve Talent Base for Olympics registered at
Chinese Athletics Association, subject to the announcement of Chinese Athletics
3. “Taihu Blue” Half Marathon
(1) Members of amateur road running clubs or associations in China;
(2) Citizens at home and abroad who are interested in outdoor sports.
. Competition Schedule

. Rules
1. Professional Group:
(1) The following rules shall be applied except technical penalty apply to the latest
IAAF competition rules.
(2) Team Event: Each team consists of a maximum of 5 athletes, with the top three
scores to count at each leg in their team score. An athlete can participate in both
individual and team events. International athletes with different nationalities can team
A team’s score for each leg is the aggregate of the top three individual scores at
the leg. All teams will be ranked at each leg based on their team scores at the leg. The
final ranking of each team are based on their total finishing time at all the three legs.
If at one leg, only one or two team members finish the competition, the team shall be
ranked after all the teams of which 3 to 5 members finish the competition, and the
same rule is also applied to the final rankings. Teams with the same total finishing
time will be ranked according to the rank of each team members.
(3) Individual Event: Each athlete’s individual ranking is based on his/her scores

at all the three legs in both team events and individual events. The fastest walker
ranks the first.
(4) In the competition, a race walking judge can caution an athlete by giving the
athlete a yellow paddle when he/she believes that the athlete’s mode of progression
does not completely comply with the definition of race walking. When an athlete
clearly fails to comply with the walking rules, the judge shall give a red card to the
athlete for the foul. Pit lanes will be used along the walking courses (pit lanes will be
set up according to the distance of each event). An athlete receiving a red card shall be
cautioned or remain in the pit lane based on the numbers of the red cards he/she
receives from the judges. An athlete receiving pit lane penalty shall go to his/her
nearest pit lane directed by a judge and he/she shall remain there for the applicable
time before continuing to compete. One judge can send only 1 red card to the same
athlete for each day. Details are as follows:
a. At each leg:
One red card: Caution
Two red cards: Remain in the Pit lane for 30 seconds
Three red cards: Remain in the Pit lane for 1 minutes (in addition - so in total =
1.5 minutes)
Four red cards: Remain in the Pit lane for 1.5 minutes (in addition - so in total =
3 minutes)
Five red cards: Disqualify
b. An athlete will receive a red card and be disqualified when he/she seriously
violates the walking rules for instance running or is seriously guilty of unsporting
behavior during the competition.
(5) Chip timing system will be used in the competition. Timing chips will be
handed out before the competition. The usage and regulation rule of timing chips will
be announced in further notice.
(6) The LOC will set up water stations every 5 km along the courses where
athletes can store their own drinks (will be announced at the technical meeting after

the courses are finalized).
(7) All athletes are required to be dressed in their official uniform (competition
vests and shorts). All clothing must comply with the requirements of the competition.
Failing to meet the uniform requirements will result in the disqualification for
participation in the competition.
(8) All participants are required to take an anti-doping control.
2. Youth Group: Competition rules for youth groups are to subject to the Chinese
Athletics Association.
. Entry Guidelines
1. Professional Group:
(1) Athletes of the Chinese National Team and international athletes will be
invited by the Chinese Athletics Association and LOC.
(2) Chinese registered athletes shall submit entry information via the online
registration system of CAA. The online registration system will open 30 days prior to
the competition and will close 15 days prior to the competition.
2. Youth Group: Entry information shall be submitted by the Youth Department
of the Chinese Athletics Association.
3. “Taihu Blue” Half Marathon:
(1) Participants shall sign up via the official website of the competition or the
official Wechat platform “Around Taihu Sports Carnival”.
(2) The maximum number of competitors is 10000. Online registration will close
when the entries reach the maximum number.
(3) Participants shall bear their own accommodation and travel expenses.
(4) The online registration system will open 50 days prior to the competition and
will close 20 days prior to the competition. Late entries are invalid (entries will be
invalid once the maximum number is reached).

. Incentive
1. Ranking Award (CNY)
(1) Team Prize Money (Men &Women)

(2) Individual Prize Money (Men &Women)

(3) Individual Prize Money at each leg (Men &Women)

2. Encouragement Award for the domestic province and city teams (CNY)

Notes:All prizes will be given out in China Yuan. LOC will negotiate with local
banks to help athletes who need USD exchange with exchange rate of the day.
3. Top 3 athletes (Men & Women) in individual events will each be awarded a
trophy; Top 8 athletes will each be awarded a medal, and Top 3 teams (Men &
Women) will each be awarded a memorial trophy.
. Medical Aid
1. The LOC will set up fixed medical stops along the courses, and clear signs will
be shown 50m away from these medical stops. Ambulances will available along the
courses and first-aid motorbikes will also be on duty.
2. Working staff and volunteers will be available at all medical stops, water
stations and drinking stations to help with medical aids and ensure the orderliness of
the competition. Participants in need may ask the working staff and volunteers for

ⅩⅢ. Insurance
Personal accident insurance is provided for all competitors, volunteers, and
working staff.
Instruction of Personal Accident Insurance is available on the official
competition website or is consulted from the LOC by phone call. All participants must
fill in the entry form in detail.
ⅩⅣ. Contact Us
1. Chinese Athletics Association
Address: 2 Tiyuguan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Zip Code: 100061
Tel: 86-10-87183441 , 86-10-87167507
Fax: 86-10-67140801
Website: www.athletics.org.cn
2. Suzhou Wuzhong Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau (Organizing
Address: 6th Floor, Building A, Wuzhong Business Center, 198 Sujie, Yuexi
Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
Zip Code: 215104
Tel: 86-512-65251295
Fax: 86-512-65251295
Website: www.wzdrs.com
ⅩⅤ . Technical Delegates & Race Walking Judges
IAAF and Chinese Athletics Association appoint 1-2 technical delegates and
around 20 international and national race walking judges officiating tthe competition.
Other judges will be appointed by competition areas.
ⅩⅥ. Any aspects unmentioned above are subjects to supplementary notes at
ⅩⅦ. Interpretation of the Competition Regulations is subject to the Chinese
Athletics Association and LOC